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Sika Construction Sealant Product Data Sheet

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The Sika Construction Sealant stands as a versatile, high-performance solution designed to cater to a wide array of construction needs. Whether you're in the business of sealing joints, gaps, or cracks, this product is meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding outcomes, safeguarding the robustness and longevity of your construction undertakings. The significance of the Sika Construction Sealant Data Sheet cannot be overstressed. It serves as an invaluable reservoir of knowledge, presenting an all-encompassing array of data regarding the product's specifications, characteristics, and recommended application guidelines. This data sheet equips builders, contractors, and engineers with the information they need to make informed choices, thereby ensuring the sealant's peak performance across diverse construction contexts.

Sika Construction Sealant: An Overview

Name and Identification

Sika Construction Sealant, a cutting-edge solution for sealing and bonding in construction projects, has been meticulously crafted to meet industry demands reliably.

Manufacturer Details

Manufactured by Sika Corporation, a globally renowned provider of construction chemicals, this sealant comes with decades of industry expertise and a steadfast commitment to quality.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional Durability: Sika Construction Sealant is meticulously engineered for enduring performance, ensuring sealed areas remain intact and leak-free for extended periods.
  • Versatility: This sealant exhibits superior adhesion to a diverse range of substrates, including concrete, metal, wood, and masonry, rendering it ideal for a wide array of applications.
  • Weather-Resistant: Demonstrating impressive resistance to UV rays, rain, and extreme temperatures, it maintains its structural integrity even under harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Flexibility: Sika's sealant gracefully accommodates building structure movements, effectively preventing cracks and leaks, which are essential for preserving structural soundness.
  • Paintable: Once cured, this sealant can be painted over, seamlessly integrating with the aesthetics of any construction project.
  • Low VOC Content: Sika Construction Sealant has been thoughtfully formulated with low volatile organic compounds, contributing to healthier indoor air quality.

Sika Construction Sealant Varieties

Sika's product line of construction sealants encompasses a diverse array of options, each meticulously tailored to distinct applications and demands:

SikaFlex® Sealants

SikaFlex® sealants stand as versatile workhorses, serving a broad spectrum of sealing and bonding tasks. They gain acclaim for their exceptional adhesion, remarkable flexibility, and enduring durability.

Sikasil® Silicone Sealants

Sikasil® silicone sealants are the answer when demanding scenarios necessitate superior weather resistance and pliability. They shine in sealing joints that face extreme temperatures and challenging environmental conditions.

Sikaflex® PRO Sealants

Sikaflex® PRO sealants have been fine-tuned to cater to the discerning needs of professional contractors. They offer dependable performance and ease of application, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of construction projects.


Sikaflex®-1A, a high-performance, single-component polyurethane sealant, comes to the fore in diverse construction and industrial applications, showcasing its reliability and versatility.

Sikaflex® Tank N Sealants

Sikaflex® Tank N sealants come into their own when the task at hand involves sealing joints and cracks in concrete tanks and secondary containment structures, providing a steadfast defense against chemical wear and tear.

Sikaflex®-2c NS Joint Sealants

Sikaflex®-2c NS joint sealants, offered in a two-component, non-sag polyurethane format, prove indispensable for vertical and horizontal applications that demand substantial movement tolerance.

sika construction sealant data sheet

Sikaflex® Self-Leveling Sealants

Sikaflex® self-leveling sealants are the choice for horizontal applications, boasting remarkable self-leveling attributes that simplify and expedite installation.

Sika's portfolio of Construction Sealant variations ensures that construction professionals can effortlessly pinpoint the perfect sealant solution to match the unique demands of their projects.

Technical Specifications

Physical Properties

  • Color Options: Available in a diverse palette of colors to perfectly match various surface finishes.
  • Density Range: Varies from 1.3 to 1.6 g/cm³, depending on the specific variant.
  • Shore A Hardness: Typically falls within the range of 20-60, ensuring a fine balance between flexibility and hardness.
  • Tensile Strength: Exhibits varying tensile strength values ranging from 1.5 to 3.0 MPa, ensuring robust adhesion.
  • Elongation at Break: Approximately 300-600%, providing the necessary flexibility to accommodate structural movements.

Chemical Composition

Base: Utilizes a polymer-modified silane-terminated polyurethane (STP) formulation as its foundation.

Solvents: Formulated with water-based solvents, effectively minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals.

Performance Characteristics

  • Outstanding Adhesion: Demonstrates excellent adhesion properties to a wide spectrum of substrates, ensuring a secure and reliable bond.
  • Application Temperature: Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F), accommodating diverse weather conditions.
  • Service Temperature: Reliably performs within a temperature range of -40°C to 100°C (-40°F to 212°F), making it suitable for various environments.
  • Curing Time: Typically cures within 24-48 hours, contingent on environmental conditions.
  • Movement Capability: Capable of accommodating up to 25% movement, effectively preventing cracks and leaks.
  • Chemical Resistance: Exhibits resistance to water, oil, and mild chemicals, thereby enhancing its overall durability.

Environmental Considerations

  • Low VOCs: Compliant with stringent environmental regulations, significantly reducing emissions and promoting a healthier environment.
  • Non-Hazardous: Formulated without hazardous materials, ensuring the safety of users and the environment alike.
  • Recyclable Packaging: Sika actively advocates for eco-friendly practices through the use of recyclable packaging materials.


Common Usage Scenarios

Sika Construction Sealant finds versatile applications in various construction scenarios:

  • Joint Sealing: Ideal for sealing joints and gaps in building facades, floors, and walls to prevent water infiltration and air leakage.
  • Window and Door Installation: Ensures airtight and watertight seals when installing windows and doors, improving energy efficiency.
  • Roofing: Provides durable seals around roof penetrations, skylights, and flashing, protecting against leaks.
  • Concrete Structures: Used to bond and seal concrete elements, such as expansion joints, construction joints, and precast elements.

Compatibility with Different Materials

Sika Construction Sealant exhibits exceptional compatibility with various construction materials, including:

  • Concrete: Bonds securely to concrete surfaces.
  • Metal: Adheres to metal substrates, such as steel and aluminum.
  • Wood: Works effectively on wooden structures and components.
  • Masonry: Provides reliable seals on masonry surfaces, including brick and stone.

Industry-Specific Applications

Tailored to specific industry needs, Sika Construction Sealant is suitable for:

  • Residential Construction: For sealing gaps and joints in homes, apartments, and condominiums.
  • Commercial Buildings: Ideal for sealing office buildings, shopping centers, and warehouses.
  • Industrial Facilities: Used in factories and manufacturing plants to maintain airtight and watertight seals.
  • Infrastructure Projects: Applied in bridges, tunnels, and highways to ensure structural integrity.

Usage Guidelines

Storage Recommendations

To maintain product integrity:

  • Store Sika Construction Sealant in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep containers tightly sealed when not in use.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

Application Methods

Follow these guidelines for effective application:

  • Clean and prepare the substrate before applying the sealant.
  • Use appropriate tools, such as caulking guns, for precise application.
  • Apply a continuous bead of sealant, ensuring proper coverage.
  • Tool the sealant within its tack-free time for a smooth finish.

Safety Precautions

Prioritize safety during application:

  • Use protective gear like gloves and safety goggles.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation when working in enclosed spaces.
  • In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water; for eye contact, rinse with clean water and seek medical attention if necessary.
  • Dispose of unused or excess sealant according to local regulations.


In summary, the Sika Construction Sealant Product Data Sheet serves as an indispensable asset for construction professionals. It provides extensive details on product types, specifications, and usage instructions, aiding in informed decision-making and ensuring project success. Accessible through multiple channels, such as the manufacturer's website and authorized retailers, this data sheet is a fundamental tool for attaining excellence, longevity, and safety in construction projects.