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Soudal Soudafoam Gap Fill

SoudaFoam Gap Fill is a one-component, selfexpanding, ready to use polyurethane foam with propellants, which are completely harmless to the ozone layer. SoudaFoam Gap Fill is available for use with a standard straw applicator, a foam applicator gun, and our patented Genius Gun Applicator. Characteristics: -Permanent color -Paintable -Mildew resistant -Very good adhesion on many


Soudal Soudafoam All Season

SoudaFoam All Season is a top of the line one component, moisture curing polyurethane foam developed especially to perform under difficult freezing temperature conditions or in hot conditions where traditional PU foams fail to extrude and cure. The foam will extrude at ambient temperatures as low as -13°F and as high as 120°F with a