Soudal Soudafoam Gap Fill

Quick info

-High expansion

-Excellent adhesion to almost all substrates

-Excellent thermal and acoustical insulation

-No shrinkage

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SoudaFoam Gap Fill is a one-component, selfexpanding, ready to use polyurethane foam with propellants, which are completely harmless to the ozone layer. SoudaFoam Gap Fill is available for use with a standard straw applicator, a foam applicator gun, and our patented Genius Gun Applicator.


-Permanent color


-Mildew resistant

-Very good adhesion on many materials

-Very easy application

-Low Expansion (Gun Foam)


-Filling of cavities

-Sealing of openings in roof construction

-Creation of a soundproof screen

-Connecting of insulating materials and roof construction

-Application of a soundproofing layer on motors

-Improving thermal isolation in cooling systems

-Installation of air conditioners

Technical data

Basis Polyurethane
Consistency Stable Foam
Curing system Moisture curing
Skin Formation (68°F/65% R.H) 7 – 8 minutes
Drying Time (68°F/65% R.H) Dust-free after 20 – 25 minutes
Cure Rate – Straw Foam (68°F/65% R.H) 1 hour for a 1/8” bead
Cure Rate – Gun Foam (68°F/65% R.H) 30 minutes for a 1/8” bead
Cure Rate – Genius Gun (68°F/65% R.H) 1 hour for a 1/8” bead
Cellular Structure 70 – 80% closed cell
Color Champagne
Insulation Factor 3.9 – 4.1 for 1 inch
Water Absorption 1% Vol
Shelf Life 18 months
Application temperature 41°F to 95°F


Aerosol can 12 oz (Straw)
Aerosol can 20 oz (Genius Gun)
Aerosol can 24 oz (Gun Foam)

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