Sikasil® WS-201 S

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Sikasil® WS-201 S

Multi functional weather resistant sealant for glass and metal

Product data (other values, please refer to the safety data sheet)

chemical composition Single component silicone adhesive
Curing mechanism Moisture curing
Density (uncured) (CQP 006-4) 1.3 kg/l
Operating Temperature 5 - 40℃
Crust time2 (CQP 019-2) 40 minutes
Shore A hardness (CQP 023-1/ISO 868) 40c
Tensile strength (CQP 036-1/ISO 37) 0.7 MPa
100% modulus (CQP 036-1/ISO 37) 0.6 MPa
Tear strength (CQP045-1/ISO34) 7.0 N/mm
Working Temperature 40 – 150℃

Product Description

Sikasil ® WS-201 S is a single component, neutral curing, sealant. It has medium and low modulus, no vertical flow, easy construction, excellent weather resistance and anti-aging performance. A multifunctional professional sealant designed specifically for various weather resistant seals. It can bond with most building and metal substrates to form a sturdy and weather resistant seal.

Product Features

▪ Easy to construct

▪ Non vertical flow

▪ Good smoothness

▪ Excellent weather resistance and anti-aging performance

▪ Excellent adhesion to various substrates

▪ Complies with CNS8903/04

▪ Passed durability test 10030 level

Scope of use

Sikasil ® WS-201 S is suitable for sealing frame joints of various doors and windows, glass assembly, residential and industrial purposes. Waterproof sealing of solar panels/brackets, daylighting covers, and wave panels. This product is only suitable for experienced professional users. Actual substrates and conditions must be used for testing to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.

Curing mechanism

Sikasil ® WS-201 S solidifies by reacting with moisture in the atmosphere. At low temperatures, the moisture content in the air is usually low, and the curing reaction proceeds more slowly.


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