Sikasil® SG-500 S

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MOQ: 1pallet (2 sets)

Sikasil® SG-500 S is a 2-component, high modulus, neutral curing structural silicone adhesive. This product is designed to be used in structural glazing applications.

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  • Meets requirements of GB 16776, ASTM C 1184 and ASTM C 920 (class 25, movement capability ± 25 %)
  • Design tensile strength for dynamic loads:

    σdes = 0.14 MPa or 20 psi (ASTM)

  • Adheres well to a wide range of substrates
  • Very good UV and weathering resistance
  • Good long term durability
  • Complies with common VOC requirements:
    Global LEED v4/v4.1 beta EQc 2: Low-Emitting Materials: CDPH-IAQ SCAQMD Rule1168

Areas of Application

Sikasil® SG-500 S is used for structural glazing and similar high-demanding industrial applications. This product is suitable for experienced professional users only. Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed ensuring adhesion and material compatibility.

Surface preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease, oil and dust. Surface treatment depends on the specific nature of the substrates and is crucial for a long lasting bond.


The optimum temperature for substrate and sealant is between 15 °C and 25  °C.

Prior to processing, the components and packaging must be visually checked. If separation of Sikasil® SG-500 S B-component is observed, the material requires a homogeneous and bubble free remixing or stirring before further use.

When processing Sikasil® SG-500 S, both components have to be mixed homogeneously and air-bubble-free in the correct ratio as indicated with an accuracy of ± 10 %. Most commercially available metering and mixing equipment are suitable. For advice on selecting and setting up a suitable pump system, contact the System Engineering Department of Sika Industry.
Consider that the B-component is moisture sensitive and must therefore only be exposed briefly to air.
Joints must be properly dimensioned.

Basis for calculation of the necessary joint dimensions are the technical values of the adhesive and the adjacent building materials, the exposure of the building elements, their construction and size as well as external loads.

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