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DOWSIL 995 - The Ultimate Neutral Structural Silicone Sealant Solution

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DOWSIL 995 represents the pinnacle of silicone sealant technology, renowned for its unmatched performance in structural bonding applications involving glass and metal. Engineered as a one-part, neutral-curing silicone sealant, it excels in delivering outstanding adhesion and durability, whether used in factory settings or on-site installations. Selecting the right silicone sealant is paramount to ensuring the long-term integrity and dependability of structural bonds. Substandard sealants pose risks such as leaks and structural instability. However, with DOWSIL 995, professionals can rely on its proven track record of exceptional performance and reliability. This makes it the preferred choice across a diverse spectrum of construction projects.

Enhanced Performance

Innovative Neutral Cure Technology

DOWSIL 995 showcases cutting-edge neutral cure technology, distinguishing itself from conventional silicone sealants. Unlike acetoxy or oxime cure types, which emit acidic or corrosive byproducts during curing, DOWSIL 995 releases neutral substances. This feature ensures safety when used on diverse substrates like metals, plastics, glass, and stone, mitigating the risk of corrosion or staining. Moreover, the neutral cure technology minimizes shrinkage during curing, resulting in a robust, enduring bond.

Unmatched Adhesion to Various Surfaces

A hallmark feature of DOWSIL 995 is its unparalleled adhesion to a broad spectrum of substrates. Whether bonding glass to metal, metal to metal, or glass to glass, this silicone sealant forms a resilient, enduring bond that withstands the rigors of time. Its exceptional adhesion properties render it ideal for structural glazing, curtain wall construction, and other demanding applications where a steadfast bond is critical for structural integrity.

Enduring Durability

In the realm of construction sealants, durability reigns supreme, especially in environments subjected to harsh conditions. DOWSIL 995 excels in this domain, offering unmatched durability and long-lasting effectiveness. Its superior weatherability, UV resistance, and ability to endure extreme temperatures ensure sustained integrity and performance over time. With its robust formulation, DOWSIL 995 safeguards bonded joints, providing reliable protection against water ingress, air leakage, and other potential sources of damage.

Versatility in Applications

Versatile Suitability for Diverse Construction Projects

The versatility of DOWSIL 995 renders it applicable across a wide array of construction projects, spanning residential, commercial, and industrial domains. Whether sealing expansion joints, bonding curtain wall panels, or installing architectural glazing systems, this silicone sealant consistently delivers optimal results, meeting the exacting standards of modern construction practices.

Neutral Structural Silicone Sealant

Seamless Integration for Interior and Exterior Usage

Another notable advantage of DOWSIL 995 is its adaptability for both interior and exterior applications. Whether sealing joints in interior partitions, windows, or doors, or weatherproofing exterior facades, roofs, or windows, this silicone sealant excels in diverse environmental conditions. Its capacity to maintain flexibility and adhesion across varying temperature and humidity levels positions it as an ideal choice for applications where exposure to the elements is a concern.

Broad Material Compatibility

DOWSIL 995 exhibits outstanding compatibility with a plethora of construction materials, including metals, glass, concrete, brick, and plastics. This versatility empowers contractors and builders to utilize the same sealant for bonding disparate materials, streamlining the construction process and reducing the need for multiple products. Whether sealing joints between dissimilar materials or adhering components with varying expansion rates, DOWSIL 995 ensures a steadfast, enduring bond that augments the performance and longevity of construction assemblies.

Ease of Application

Smooth Application Process

DOWSIL 995 offers a smooth application process, facilitating efficient installation. Following the comprehensive guidelines outlined in the Dow Americas Technical Manual, users can seamlessly apply the sealant using various air-operated guns or bulk dispensing equipment. Its formulation allows for a continuous operation, ensuring uniform coverage along joints and surfaces. The sealant can be tooled with light pressure before a skin forms, enabling precise shaping and ensuring optimal adhesion.

Minimal Preparation Required

Preparation for the DOWSIL 995 application is streamlined, requiring minimal effort. Prior to application, it's essential to clean all joints and glazing pockets meticulously, removing any contaminants such as grease, oil, dust, or old sealants. While primer is generally not necessary for nonporous surfaces, it may be recommended for certain porous substrates to optimize sealing performance. Additionally, the installation of back-up material, joint fillers, and masking adjacent areas ensures a neat and professional finish.

Time-Saving Benefits for Professionals

DOWSIL 995 offers significant time-saving benefits for construction professionals. With its straightforward application process and minimal preparation requirements, users can expedite the sealing process without compromising quality. The sealant's rapid curing time allows for efficient workflow, enabling users to complete projects swiftly and meet tight deadlines. Furthermore, its long-lasting effectiveness minimizes the need for frequent maintenance or repairs, further optimizing time and resources for professionals. For specific advice tailored to individual projects, users can consult their local Dow Sales Application Engineer for expert guidance.

Trusted by Professionals

Reputation for Reliability and Performance

DOWSIL 995 has earned a distinguished reputation for its reliability and outstanding performance in various construction applications. Unlike many one-part RTV silicone sealants, DOWSIL 995 demonstrates exceptional consistency in surface cure and cure-in-depth across a wide range of environmental conditions. While high temperatures and humidity may affect the curing process of other sealants, DOWSIL 995 maintains its reliability and efficacy, ensuring consistent results even in challenging climates.

Industry Certifications and Approvals

DOWSIL 995 has garnered industry recognition through its compliance with rigorous global standards for structural glazing. It meets the stringent requirements set forth by prominent regulatory bodies in the United States, China, and Europe, underscoring its suitability for a diverse range of construction projects worldwide. These certifications and approvals attest to the sealant's superior quality, performance, and safety, instilling confidence in professionals across the construction industry.

Final Words

DOWSIL 995 stands as the ultimate neutral structural silicone sealant solution, offering unmatched performance, versatility, and reliability. With its innovative neutral cure technology, exceptional adhesion to various substrates, and enduring durability, DOWSIL 995 surpasses traditional sealants in delivering superior results across a wide range of construction applications. Its seamless application process, minimal preparation requirements, and time-saving benefits further enhance its appeal to professionals. Trusted by industry experts and certified to meet global standards for structural glazing, DOWSIL 995 continues to earn acclaim for its unwavering performance and proven track record. For construction projects demanding uncompromising quality and longevity, DOWSIL 995 emerges as the preferred choice, ensuring robust, long-lasting bonds that withstand the test of time.